Frequently asked questions

What is the due date for submitting the declaration?
The due date for submitting property declarations with SRS is 1 June 2012 (inclusive). You have the right to submit statements on adjustments to your property status within 3 months after the due date for submitting property declarations.

How do I submit my declaration with State Revenue Service?
Property declarations must be submitted with SRS once:

  • in person at any Client Service Centre of SRS in Latvia; or
  • electronically using your secure e-signature (e-mail to:; or
  • via SRS electronic declaration system (VID EDS); or
  • by post mail (we advise sending declarations via registered mail).

In which cases do I need to fill in and submit declarations for other individuals?

  • Parents or guardians need to fill in and submit declarations for under-aged children;
  • Trustees need to fill in and submit declarations for individuals under their trusteeship;
  • Heads of extra-familial care institutions must submit declarations for orphans or children deprived of familial care that are placed in the corresponding institution;
  • Orphanage courts must submit declarations for orphans or children deprived of familial care that live in foster-care families;
  • Guardians or orphanage courts, in case no guardian is appointed, must submit declarations for incapacitated individuals.

Does the bank issue statements to SRS on account balances and/or loans for sums exceeding LVL 10’000?
In accordance with the legislation, the bank does not provide information to SRS. Filling in and submission of the declaration with SRS is up to you.

Do I need an official statement from the bank on the account balance as of 31 December 2011 in order to prepare my declaration?
No, you do not need to append official statements from the bank to your declaration.

Do I need to specify credit card limits as loan liabilities in my “zero declaration”?
You need to specify the principal sum of the credit card limit that you have spent in your declaration.

Which credit liabilities or loans do I have to declare?
Calculation of the total sum of borrowed funds must contain all loan liabilities including principal sums of credit card limits spent, mortgage loans and consumption loans, as well as principal sums of other loans you have received. If the total amount of your loan liabilities, for example, credit cards, mortgage loans and outstanding debts to other individuals exceed LVL 10'000, you must specify this in your property declaration.
Loan sums toward each individual lender exceeding LVL 1’000, or an equivalent in foreign currency, must be specified separately.