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Citadele FX Trader

Continuing to develop and extend its range of products, Citadele Bank offers a modern solution for trading in FOREX - FX Trader electronic platform. This is an innovative trading platform for working on the international exchange market.

FX Trader platform provides you with convenient, efficient and unlimited access to FOREX market - high liquidity of the interbank market which means prompt execution of orders and objective levels of currency quotations in real-time mode using a PC and an Internet connection.

The basis of the FX Trader platform consists of innovative solutions which presently have no analogues in Latvia's market. FX Trader platform offers convenient creation of an individually adaptable interface thus ensuring an opportunity to execute transactions only by a few clicks. It also offers making objective and comprehensive analyses of the perspective in the processes of exchange markets by using diagrams on currencies’ historical fluctuations and a tool-kit for technical analysis.

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