Advantages of FX Trader

FX Trader platform provides 24/7 access to markets 5 days a week, ensuring several important advantages simultaneously:

  • easily adaptable interface which enables you to personalize the platform by developing the most convenient tools necessary for your work;
  • convenient diagrams and other tools for performing technical analysis;
  • current and comprehensive information on the account balance, executed transactions and placed orders in real-time, and an opportunity to summarize the necessary information into 15 various reports;
  • opportunity to use automatic trading algorithms (Expert Advisors);
  • automatic updates and supplements to the program ensure its prompt and easy operation;
  • technical support;
  • opportunity to try FX Trader Demo account for free.


What is the minimum volume of a transaction?
The minimum volume is 100 000 base currency units. For example, 100 000 EUR/USD or 100 000 USD/JPY, etc.

What is the minimum deposit for starting to trade?
Minimum guarantee deposit necessary to start trading is USD 1 000.

What orders are available on Citadele FX Trader platform?
Such orders as Market, Delayed, Limit, Stop, Trailing Stop, and OCO are available on Citadele FX Trader platform. The platform also enables to link several delayed orders together, including OCO orders. This enables to execute complex trading strategies by just a few mouse clicks.