Why Choose Citadele FX Trader?

Over 10 years of experience in margin trading

Choosing FX Trader helps you acquire a reliable partner - one of the largest financial groups in the Baltic States which has more than 10 years of experience in FOREX margin trading.

Citadele Bank serves as a guarantee for the provided services

Activity of A/S “Citadele banka”, a licensed participant in the financial market, is supervised by Financial and Capital Market Commission (FCMC). In order to ensure protection of investors' interests and flawless functioning of the financial instrument market, when providing investment and trade services, A/S “Citadele banka” in accordance with the legislation of the Republic of Latvia and the EU and in line with the established high standards for providing services complies with requirements of the Markets in Financial Instruments Directive (MiFID), its policy for preventing conflict of interests when providing investment services and Policies for order execution in the field of provision of investment services. The Deposit Guarantee Law is also in place to ensure security of clients' funds in marginal trade accounts.

Competitive and attractive trading conditions

FX Trader platform offers access to the interbank market; this enables you to obtain high liquidity and prompt execution of orders as well as attractive currency quoting levels.

In case of necessity transactions can be executed via telephone

With FX Trader, you can count on support from Citadele Bank's brokers in your daily transactions by communicating via telephone as well as using the Chat tool available in the trading platform. If for any reason you cannot access you PC or the Internet, you can carry out trading operations also by telephone using brokers' services and identification methods stipulated in the agreement.


Do I have to pay for using Citadele FX Trader platform?
The platform offered by Citadele Bank is free of charge and there are no fees applied for connecting or using it.

What guarantees do I have as a client when I carry out trading operations?
Unlike many other FX brokers whose security is relative, A/S "Citadele Bank" is a participant to the financial and capital market which is regulated by the FCMC. Besides, deposits of Citadele Bank's clients are guaranteed in accordance with Article 3 of the Deposit Guarantee Law which provides that the guaranteed sum for one client comprises up to EUR 100'000 converted into Latvian Lats correspondingly with the exchange rate determined by the Bank of Latvia on the day when unavailability of funds has occurred.

How does depositing and withdrawal of funds into and from the trade account take place?
You can supplement your trading account by means of an Internet bank transfer from your account with Citadele Bank (book transfer) or deposit cash at any Citadele's branch office. Withdrawal of funds from your trading account takes place through reserving the desired and available sum at Citadele FX Trader platform. You can also submit a free-form order with Citadele Bank's Internet bank or any Citadele's branch office.

Is automatic trading possible with Citadele FX Trader platform?
Yes, this platform provides a technical opportunity to import and use automatic trade algorithms in MT4 format.

Is technical analysis possible with Citadele FX Trader platform?
Yes, diagrams that can be supplemented with graphical elements (lines, trends, Fibonacci levels, etc.) as well as a range of various indices are available on the platform.

Does Citadele Bank offer Forex analytics?
Yes, Citadele Bank offers daily reports on exchange markets. These reports are published on the Bank's website. You are also welcome to subscribe to receiving these reports by e-mail.