Safe keeping

Branch Citadele (2A Republikas square), Riga

Box sizes (mm), Width x Length x Height per twenty-four hours1 per month1 per annum1
255x480x55 / 300x450x50 10 EUR 30 EUR 200 EUR
255x480x95 / 300x450x75 10 EUR 35 EUR 250 EUR
255x480x145 / 300x450x125 10 EUR 40 EUR 295 EUR
255x480x300 / 300x450x175 10 EUR 45 EUR 370 EUR
560x480x300 / 300x450x300 10 EUR 65 EUR 500 EUR

Effective from 06.03.2018.


Safe box depositary „Ziemeli” Brivibas 148, Riga

Box sizes (mm), Width x Length x Height per twenty-four hours1 per month1 per annum1
435x245x35 10 EUR 20 EUR 155 EUR
435x245x65 10 EUR 25 EUR 210 EUR
435x245x115 10 EUR 35 EUR 250 EUR
435x245x160 10 EUR 40 EUR 295 EUR
435x245x285 10 EUR 45 EUR 350 EUR
560x300x480 10 EUR 65 EUR 500 EUR

Effective from 20.07.2017.


Penalty for safe opening if customer has lost the key of the safe-box 230 EUR
Commission fee for customer’s safe-box content’s storage in Citadele Bank’s joint safe-box2 15 EUR mēnesī (ieskaitot PVN)

Effective from 20.07.2017.


1 Fees, incl. VAT.
2 Commission fee is applied if customer’s safe box content is placed and being stored in Citadele Bank joint safe-box according to Safe-box Rent Conditions.

Fee for safe-box rent is withheld for full period of rental agreement (term of safe-box renting), during processing of rental agreement or its (term of safe-box renting) maturity term prolonging.

If term of the safe box agreement (term of safe-box renting) is not prolonged, customer has not released the safe-box and has not returned safe-box key to the Citadele Bank (if it is stored at the customer) accordingly to contractual arrangements, then starting from the second working day since the termination of validity of the agreement, customer, additionally to the safe-box rent fee, that is set in the Pricelist, is obligated to pay Citadele Bank penalty 25% of the daily fee for the safe-box rent, set for the safe-box rented by customer (accordingly to size of the safe-box), for each day of the delay. Fee payment in cash is not available in Safe-box depositary “Ziemeli”.

For agreements for safe-box rent concluded till 31.12.2014 (incl.), the safe-box rent fee actual at the moment of conclusion of agreement or its latest prolonging, is applied till maturity of existing term. If concluding prolonging of period of such agreement (term of safe-box renting), fee according to actual Pricelist is applicable.